Due Diligence

The pharmaceutical industry is a fast changing environment and the due diligence (DD) process is of equally high financial importance for seller (our-licensing) and buyer (in-licensing). With consultants experienced on both sides, we can assist you in the evaluation of a potential opportunity as well as in the preparation of a comprehensive package for the successful sale of your technology or project.  

We Provide Due Diligence Services for:


  • Target evaluation
  • Preliminary DD evaluation (identification of early flags)
  • Deep-fact finding in eRoom
  •  Formal face-to-face DD for early projects or clinical candidates
  • Identification of key safety issues and risk assessment
  • Assessment of regulatory dossier and evaluation of current and  planned regulatory strategies
  • Evaluation of CMC information to determine current status of manufacturing feasibility and future development needs 


  • Identification of potential buyers
  • Organization of DD meetings
  • Preparation of a due diligence package
  • Identification of key missing data
  • Preparation of DD presentations
  • Evaluation of current regulatory dossier and gap analysis to assess regulatory hurdles which may impact project worth