Project/CRO Management

Project Management and Outsourcing Management

Co-ordinating the various processes from one phase to another, meeting timelines and dealing with complex regulations are often a challenge during the drug discovery and drug development processes.   CapEval consultants have in-depth project managment experience gained through a multitude of studies and integrated projects, allowing us to negotiate activities, foresee critical-path events and prepare clients for the challenges facing them as they advance to the next milestone.  By working closely with our clients to understand needs, timelines and budgets, we can remove some of the pressures our clients face and build a smooth drug development program ultimately achieving project deliverables faster, meeting all standards for quality and regulations and minimizing costs.

CapEval consultants have expertise in project management and outsourcing management and we can manage a range and diverse set of development programs for our clients.  The scope and breadth of help can be tailored based on the needs and demands of the program and we can manage and control the various steps within the life cycle of your project from initiation, through planning and execution to completion.

Our consultants can work on your behalf in the following capacity: 

Timely and cost effectively Project Management from Lead identification to Market according to regulatory requirements in the following fields:

Drugs and medical devices

Animal health care