Non-Clinical Study Monitoring

  • CRO (Europe, North America, Asia) assessment, pre-selection, justified choice, audit and monitoring.
  • Study plan implementation, study follow-up, audits.
  • Report assessment, comments, correction and finalization.

Research and Documentation

  • Scientific, technical and regulatory literature survey
  • Scientific translation
  • Implementation of thematic documents
  • Actualisation of scientific documents
  • Regulatory, scientific and technological vigilance

Medical, scientific, technical and scientific writing

Preparation of documents reflecting data accurately and consistently and adapted to target audience.

“Translating Science to Business”

  • Publications
  • Book chapters
  • Scientific brochures
  • Expert reports
  • Meeting minutes
  • Congress abstracts and posters, slide presentations
  • Subvention requests
  • Business plans
  • Advertising support
  • Due Diligence dossiers
  • Literature searches and reviews
Therapeutic and market fields